“Delicious food brings good fortune to everyone”

We explore ways for everyone to enjoy delicious experiences easily


Company Name

Kofukulabo LLC


March 19th, 2013


Delicious food brings good fortune to everyone. We explore ways for everyone to enjoy delicious experiences easily.


Thank others for the food, bring calm with the taste, nourish love at the table. This is the way to have peace on earth.


Consultation service for food and beverage field
   Consultation for product development
   Product marketing and promotion support
   E-Commerce and sales consulting
   Training and seminar services


Shinataro KAN
   Fellow researcher at Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute Co.,Ltd


Food and Beverage companies, Alcohol companies
Ad agencies, PR agencies
Local governments, Affiliate organizations


“Dining” is an important way for people to communicate with each other. “Food Education” to children is a way to teach them nutrition and manners, but more importantly a way to influence their association with their parents.

KOFUKU LAB explores new ways of dining and drinking, so that anybody can have more enjoyable, tasty experiences in the busy lifestyle of today. We hope to bring calm and peace to the world by providing delicious experiences to everyone.

Let’s nourish a healthy body and soul!

Shintaro KAN
Representative of KOUFUKU LAB


Please contact us for more information about Food and Beverage field and our services.

Route Jinnan Building 6F
1-5-13 Jinnan Shibuya-ku, Tokyo